• Create website

    online business platforms

    We guarantee visibility and return of invesment with Websites that create new business opportunities.

  • Create online store

    complete, professional, made for you

    Sell your products aand services in a quality online store controled entirely by the store owner.

  • Your eyes

    in good hands

    Ergovisão - Optics 100% portuguese, with about 30 stores over Portugal, with personalized service and cutting edge technology.

  • The largest distributor

    of auto parts in Portugal

    Centrauto has the largest distribution network of auto parts in Portugal, with over 50 stores and a warehouse with 24.000 square meters.

  • JMR Group

    design and build the future

    The JMR Group consists of three companies which share the common goal of building and environmental sustainability.

  • Security guaranteed

    integrated security solutions

    Company specialized in security solutions - prevention and detection.

  • To live better

    peso da água - swimming pools

    Construction, consulting and installation of swimming pools, health clubs and spas.

  • Recycle now

    progress and preservation

    Reconciling economic growth with progress and appropriate preservation of nature is the main goal of "Resíduos do Nordeste".

  • Our land

    recognize merit of Braga cityzens

    Awards "Our Land" are a public recognition of merit of individuals and entities who contribute to dignify Braga city.

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Create Website



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Want to Create website for your company? Nostri creates website that ensures return of investment through a presence on the 1st page of google and the increase of revenue.

Nostri Creates Websites for each client with quality design work and all features to present your company and engage your customers.

When creating the site guarantee autonomy in management administration platform with a simple usare powerful, scalable and designed according to your needs.

Online Store


online store

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Want to Create Online Store? Nostri creates online stores that allows you to sell your products in a store complete with all the features - showcase of products and services, all modes of payment (Visa, Paypal, Ref MB) and automatic connection to social networks.

Online store with quality design profissional, administration platform customer specific, simple to use and allows you to have complete autonomy and control of the store.

When creating your Online Store we guarantee the presence on the 1st page of google and consequent increase in your business.

Mobile Applications


mobile application

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Want to create a Mobile Application? Nostri creates mobile application that allows you to deliver content and functionality of your website on mobile application and / or create other content.

We create mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms - iPad Tablets, SmartPhones Apple iPhone and Android smartphones.

Put your business in the hands of your customers, take advantage of mobility and can reach them more quickly and easily.

Web Marketing


web marketing

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Put yourself ahead of your competition with a bet on advertising on search engines. Promote your business by creating online site, gain visibility and get higher returns on your website. The Nostri provides optimization service sites for its better indexing in google (SEO and SEM).


  • Braga

    Rua Pomar de Marvila, Lote 13, - Parque Industrial de Sequeira

    4705-629 Braga

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Nostri is a company specializing in developing Web Applications (Internet Sites),
with online content platform management, e-commerce online stores, generic and thematic social networks, Web portals,
Extranets for management and online repository and Hotsites / Microsites for events or presentations.

The Web Design / Web Development is done entirely by nostri work team, from the analysis of Web Application (Website),
consulting service, Internet Site Design (Web Design), implementation and programming (done in PHP, MySql and Flash), Web Hosting
and the essential Web Marketing created after the launch of each Web Application.

Simpleo is a CMS (Content Managment System) platform evolving and adaptable to the needs of each client,
with content management, and statistical support, created and maintained by nostri.

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