Web Portal several contents, a single location

Content central

A portal differs from a regular site bacause it functions as a content agglomerator center.

It is characterized by the large amount of information and diversity of content types it provides.


The corporate portals focus on a company or group (set of companies operating in various sectors or areas). In a portal the identity of each company is maintained as well as the reference, access and unity of the group. The thematic portals offer a cross vision on a particular theme, for example wine, with comprehensive content.


Profit comes from advertising, partners and selling generic information about users in the case of thematic portals.

In the corporate case it comes from the business opportunities it generates. Your customers see to your products ans services and easily request a quote, so your portal works as a an optimal sales vendor.


Management platform - Simpleo - created specifically for each client.

Control all information of users, partners.

Statistics of the site included in the platform.


Provide specific information and private to your customers or associates.

Important documents, current account, shares, notifications, etc.. Available in restricted access areas.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site developed in a way to increase the search engine indexation and improve the site ranking.

Web pages printed the right way and personalised.

Acessibility granted for handicaped people.


Automatic connection to social networks, controlled by the site owner.

Newsletters and personalised warnings to be sent to users and partners.

Site marketing in search engines for visibility increase.


Expand your target market, geographic and demographic.

Do this without having to increasing human, time, financial or logistical costs.


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Nostri is a company specializing in developing Web Applications (Internet Sites),
with online content platform management, e-commerce online stores, generic and thematic social networks, Web portals,
Extranets for management and online repository and Hotsites / Microsites for events or presentations.

The Web Design / Web Development is done entirely by nostri work team, from the analysis of Web Application (Website),
consulting service, Internet Site Design (Web Design), implementation and programming (done in PHP, MySql and Flash), Web Hosting
and the essential Web Marketing created after the launch of each Web Application.

Simpleo is a CMS (Content Managment System) platform evolving and adaptable to the needs of each client,
with content management, and statistical support, created and maintained by nostri.

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