Create Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android

Nostri bet on a new service - the development of mobile applications.

This new service follows the appearence of new technologies such as smartphones and tablets. With this technology associated to mobile devices in everyday use traditional web applications gain a complement in devices where it is now possible to combine mobility and usefulness on a more effective manner.

Types of native applications for smartphones or tablet:

  • Offline application - installed once and used without further access to the Internet;
  • Online generic application - downloaded from an appstore application for general use (newspapers, utilities, ...). Such applications make use of content supplied regularly by a web application;
  • Online business application - application created for a company for its exclusive use, usually linked to its previously created web application.

Nostri creates applications for both platforms - iOS, Apple (para iPhone e iPad) e o Android (para smartphones e tablets de vários fabricantes).

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Nostri is a company specializing in developing Web Applications (Internet Sites),
with online content platform management, e-commerce online stores, generic and thematic social networks, Web portals,
Extranets for management and online repository and Hotsites / Microsites for events or presentations.

The Web Design / Web Development is done entirely by nostri work team, from the analysis of Web Application (Website),
consulting service, Internet Site Design (Web Design), implementation and programming (done in PHP, MySql and Flash), Web Hosting
and the essential Web Marketing created after the launch of each Web Application.

Simpleo is a CMS (Content Managment System) platform evolving and adaptable to the needs of each client,
with content management, and statistical support, created and maintained by nostri.

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